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FIfF-Ko 1/2007: Bridging the Digital Divide: Development Projects

von Paul Wagstaff

While working on a consultancy contract in Western Uganda (November – December 2006) I discussed the potential for FIfF Interns to support IT development with several contacts in Fort Portal. I had a very positive response and I can recommend the following potential projects for FIfF interns. I discussed support from FIfF on the basis that the costs of the Internships would be split between the Ugandan organisation, FIfF, other donors (e.g. DAAD) and the Intern. None of these organisations could afford to pay the full costs of the Intern. I would suggest looking for fi nancial sponsorship from the software companies whose software would be taught by the FIfF intern (e.g. Suse Linux, etc.).
Fort Portal is a quiet town in Western Uganda, next to the Ruwenzori Mountains. The area has a cool climate with high rainfall. The area is the main tea growing area in Uganda and has many ecotourism sites. The region is currently peaceful and is unaffected by the problems Northern Uganda and the Congo.

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